Lose Weight Quickly, Easily and Permanently…

Yeah, right! How many times have we heard that before? Usually coupled with some obviously fake image like this one:

Anyone can see it’s just a slim teenage girl wearing her dad’s jeans for the photo shoot
(as if she’d ever been fat!)

There are only 3 effective ways to lose weight, right? Eat less, eat differently (such as low carbs) or exercise more. It’s all about discipline, isn’t it? You starve, you feel miserable hungry, you work out, you sweat, you feel crap afterwards, you are ready to give up… But it’s important to “push through, right? You know the saying: no pain, no gain.

Completely disastrously wrong! That’s now so old-fashioned it’s at the level of ignorance and stupidity.Today we know so much more about weight control.

I have written you a book compiling all the known science of slimming and weight control and I have identified AT LEAST 50 factors that will influence weight gain and obesity.Some of these are so up-to-date it’s unlikely you know about them.

These could amount to “fixes” that will mean you don’t even have to diet. The weight that shouldn’t have been there in the first place will fall off you, because the real reason it’s there has been fixed!

You won’t find these important factors easily anywhere else, because peddlers of “weight loss porn” (who just want your dollars, don’t know what they are doing, and blame YOU if their method doesn’t work) obviously don’t want you to get the real facts. Why? An educated public is hard to fool, right?

So if you have been struggling with your weight, you need to listen up. What the world needs
now is not just another diet plan (yawn). We’re done with diet plans. They all have one fatal flaw: THEY DON’T WORK FOR EVERYBODY. In fact some are so dumb and cranky, it’s a wonder they work at all. Certainly some diets could not seriously be classed as healthy.

Instead, you need the science. It isn’t too technical but is another aspect of life where you cannot afford to be ignorant. Education is crucial here, not short cuts and extreme plans.

Have you heard of the “fatso gene” (FTO)? There are now at least 10 genes that are known to cause weight gain or make it difficult to lose weight (same thing).One critical gene codes for a vitamin that activates at least 900 other genes! (I’ll show you how to turn off unwanted genes: section 9)

The composition of your bowel flora can make it IMPOSSIBLE to lose weight, if you have the wrong combination (page 145). Of course I will tell you how to switch your guts to the right bowel flora (page 148)

Food allergies are absolutely crucial and identifying foods that set up inflammation can guarantee you rapid, comfortable weight loss (and these are NOT the limited bunkum you read on the Internet by self-styled “health coaches”)

Do you know which foods cause almost unlimited cravings and hunger? I’ll answer that one for you.

Why is visceral fat (“belly fat”) much more dangerous than other fat in our bodies?(and what can you do about it?)

Have you heard of obesogens (chemicals in the environment that program the human body to gain weight, no matter what you eat)?

We now know there really is a “fat switch”. Set one way and you pile on the pounds. But flip it the other way and you burn fat, like wood on a log fire! There are blood tests which will tell you which way your “fat switch” is set (and of course I will tell you how to flip it to the OFF position!)

Herbs for Weight Loss. You probably know there are lots of scams here. But there are some plant remedies that have good science behind them. One fruit from the Amazon basin reduced weight gain by 50%!

What about “hunger hormones”, have you heard of those? Oh yes. There are several hormones, which will make you feel hungry or satisfied. Wouldn’t you like to learn about them and how to manage them?

Being obese is highly inflammatory. It will wreck your body over time, damage organs and age you faster than a high-speed calendar! You need to understand this insidious process: inflammation causes you to gain weight; weight gain is highly inflammatory. It’s a vicious cycle.

Obesity causes more liver damage than alcohol. Drinking only accounts for about 6% of cirrhosis (terminal liver damage) whereas obesity is responsible for over 50% of cirrhosis cases (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease). I wouldn’t be saying that to worry you: you can fix it and I’ll tell you how…

I’ll explain insulin resistance to you and how to prevent it. If you have a waistline over 40 inches (man) or 36 inches (woman) you have insulin resistance. It will shorten your life unless you get it under control. It leads to obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular inflammation (stroke and heart disease), liver damage and an early death. YOU MUST GET RID OF INSULIN RESISTANCE. It’s easy but you have to know what to do.

There are over 40 other need-to-know secrets like this, all between the covers of one book!

OK, with just those tasters, you’ll realize this is a book apart.

No More
Weight Loss Porn!

That’s what I’ve started calling the nonsense being peddled out there. Pseudo-scientific advertising that yells it's message but where there is no science. You are probably sick of it too.

This is not just another me-too diet book, but a reasoned and intelligent self-help manual, by a “people’s MD”, filled with valuable knowledge and helpful TO-DOs. It is actually a lifetime’s education in the secrets of up-to-date slimming science; everything you need to know to manage your weight and optimize your health, once and for all.

And remember my saying:
You can’t be healthy and be overweight!

This is the missing book from the weight loss market. It is packed with information and action strategies for any individual to turn to, for skilled self-management in weight control. This is the final way out of the yo-yo dieting trap.

The shelves at the bookstore are saturated with set diet plans; there are even books on why set diet plans are a bad idea, with titles like Diets Don’t Work (Bob Schwartz)! We don’t need more diet plans. We need public education about overweight and obesity.

Instead of concentrating on suggestions of what to eat and a few recipes for those foods, this milestone book takes the reader beyond, into the realms of revolutionary and recent discoveries in the field of “fat science”.

Slimming, or staying healthy and trim if you are in good shape, is like a game; there are rules. If you don’t know these rules, you have little chance of being a winner at the game! Consider this is a book explaining the rules of the game, rather than orchestrated gambits. Learn the rules and you can manage your own success and not rely on others for their understanding or suggestions.

You need to be clear about one thing: very clear. That what you eat is crucial to all aspects of your life and health, not just what you weigh on the bathroom scales. Foods can really hurt you, leading to deteriorating health, feeling weary, organ failure, early death, infertility, impotence, mood swings, unhappiness and a long, long catalogue of similar woes.

Furthermore, the “wrong” foods that you have been told about over the years are mostly incorrect. Official recommendations have been behind the obesity epidemic and have killed hundreds of millions with their stupid, ignorant “science” (heavily doctored by the food industry).

The truth is everyone has their own personal “wrong foods” and they are different from person to person.


There is no one-size-fits-all diet.
There never can be.

I have been meaning for some time now to write this book, with an overview of all dieting methods and the science of weight control, as it exists today. It seems to me that I am uniquely suited to do it, since I don’t sell or push any particular method. Plus, I have a far deeper insight into the complex role that allergy foods play in our metabolism than most silly, self-aggrandized “experts”, who are just on the make.

The fact that the weight-loss market is a multi-billion dollar market should be an immediate red flag. With that much money on the table (60 billion dollars in 2016 in the USA alone), people are not going to scruple much over what is true or what works, so much as what sells.

This is unfortunate for the would-be dieter. As marketing messages and fashions change, it means ideas come and go that, on the surface, look like something new but in fact are just me-too versions of old and tried ideas. Only the clamor and the claims vary, but that’s due to inventiveness and double-talk, not real progress.

It introduces you to the basics facts you need to be armed with. It even starts off with advice on how to accurately measure and track your progress. It’s not enough to just weigh yourself and hope for the best. I’m talking science, remember not wishful thinking.

There are some things more important to measure than just your weight, which can be a guide but is not always doing the obvious. Did you know that Michael Jordan, one of the US’s greatest athletes ever, is technically obese? That’s nonsense of course: he’s a mountain of lean muscle. But it illustrates the point.

BMI is a common weight loss measurement too but it’s almost useless for monitoring health. Waist-to-hip ratio is far more revealing. And waist-to-height may be the best of all.

You need to have some means of tracking your body fat percentage (especially visceral fat percentage). You’ll need the right equipment for that, if you are serious.

In fact knowing what’s REALLY going on is half the battle. I devote a whole chapter to it.

Then later on, you will learn of critical blood measurements, without which you cannot tell what your “fat switch” is doing, what your insulin status is, what your blood sugar level is, and so you cannot know what spikes your blood. Food allergies, for example, can be tested by symptoms (if any). But you can double the accuracy rate by also measuring your blood glucose after eating and find out which foods spike your blood sugar.

THOSE FOODS ARE DEADLY AND WILL PUT YOU OFF TRACK, no matter how disciplined you are!

From there on, the books starts to unfold amazing wonder after wonder. Things you never dreamed were relevant or possible. It really is a whole new world of science that can be applied by you to your life, the moment you read about it.


In the book I lay out for you the “top three”, the 3 most powerful and effective methods of weight loss. I even nominate the number one method of all: the most powerful, effective and scientifically sound method, from everything that we know today.

But I also cover many different plans and approaches, from counting calories to the South Beach Diet; the step diet to the HCG protocol; Banting to the 5:2; and LOTS more—but these special three methods are the ones you need to take careful note of. One or more of them is likely to free you from your weight-gain prison!

They are easy to do, don’t require regimental discipline (in fact you won’t even feel hungry, if you do EXACTLY what I tell you!) How exciting is that?

What’s more these are the most healthy regimens that you can follow, right in line with Nature’s own way of doing things—it’s all explained in these pages.


That’s one of the chapter heads! You need to know and thus be forewarned about the dirty tricks of Big Ag (farming industry) and Big Food (the giant corporations like Kellogg’s, Kraft, Nestlé, PepsiCo, McDonald’s and all the other propagandists which exist to make money, not make you healthy).

THEY KNOW EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING. There is one range of food additives that is known (scientifically) to be highly addictive. They use that deliberately. It’s in almost everything commercial.

Now here’s a horrible secret that will make you mad: this hidden ingredient causes weight gain. It does this not just by provoking your appetite, which it does, so you are a sucker for more food. But this common food ingredient independently leads to serious weight gain. By that I mean (are you ready for this?): two people on the same diet, calorie for calorie; one will stay healthy and normal weight; the other person puts on weight, because of this sneaky additive.

That’s horrible! You say. And yes it is. It will sabotage all your good efforts. But do you think the food industry is going to make any changes? No way.

They put beaver’s ass secretions in your food, to “flavor” it (it’s called castoreum). They use crushed beetles; human hair (mainly Chinese, I understand); burnt feathers; wood pulp (yes, you read that right); ammonia (yes, the household cleaner); antifreeze; shellac (yes, furniture polish)… they even infect your food deliberately with viruses, to kill bacteria and stop their filth from turning rotten too soon.

It’s not just what’s in your food that shouldn’t be (did I mention the bacterial coliforms scandal at McDonald’s? For coliforms read shit contaminating your food)

They take stuff out too. Almost all manufactured foods are stripped of nutritional worth. Sometimes they have the effrontery to say “vitamin enriched”. Are you kidding me? If a guy came up to you in the street and robbed you of $100, then gave you back a $5 bill before walking away, would you consider yourself “enriched”?

They call food “organic”, not because it was raised naturally but simply because they know will sell more. They just lie.

“Added iron”. Added iron sometimes means just that. Hover a magnet over your breakfast cereal that is “enriched with iron” and you’re in for a shock. Actual iron filings will jump to your magnet! That’s how crooked the food industry has become.

Did you know they can say “zero trans-fats” when there is up to 0.5 grams in a “serving”? What’s wrong with that? They set the size of a serving and it may be as little as a spoonful! You could be eating unhealthy levels of trans-fats (which will block your weight loss), while being assured that there are “zero” trans-fats in the product.

Make no mistake: you are on your own if you want to be healthy! YOU HAVE TO KEEP AWAY FROM ALL MANUFACTURED FOODS.

Beware of the trick manufacturers may play, especially here in the USA, of adding sugar to inappropriate products, to make them taste “sweet”, so customers keep coming back for more (and so more profits). I’m talking about foods like ham, sausages, bread, baked beans, yoghurt, granola, “energy bars”, sauces and condiments (tomato ketchup has over 20 teaspoons of sugar per standard bottle).

Even when a product claims to have “25% less sugar”, it doesn’t mean it isn’t still loaded with a shocking amounts; it just translates to rather less.

This is another good reason to avoid manufactured foods of all kinds.

Sugar kills, there is no question. It’s highly inflammatory and all excess sugar turns immediately to fat. ALL SUGAR IS EXCESS SUGAR. You cannot lose weight if you eat sugar. You have to change your palate. After a while, even a carrot will taste really sweet (there’s lots of natural sugar in a carrot).

So do you now understand my
claim that this book is packed with
shocking surprises and real
science, not convenient baloney
that was written by some lazy
chump who just wants to make a
dollar, re-circulating the same old
false information?

There is the usual smartphone camera distortion of size

Because it’s true…
This book is UNIQUE!

OK. It’s time to make a decision. Do you want to stay exactly where you are? Or do you want to join the increasing band of weight loss seeker who are demanding the real facts, not industry lies?


The Ultimate Science of Weight
Loss Digital Book


The Ultimate Science of Weight
Loss Print Book


The Ultimate Science of Weight Loss Digital & Print Book Combo You’ll Want Both Versions Of These Life Saving Books


Message from the author:

I guarantee there is at least ONE weight loss method in this book that will work for you! You have 60 days to read and test drive the information. After that, you keep the book. Deal? I am absolutely confident that if you read the book properly and apply what you learn, you will find weight loss easy and satisfying.